About Exercise Guide:

Exercise Guide has been developed by Australian researchers, clinicians and prostate cancer survivors to support men with metastatic prostate cancer to participate in health-enhancing exercise. The Exercise Guide website can be used to generate an individually tailored exercise prescription based on the latest research evidence and the clinical expertise of the team, and also offers high quality and evidence-based educational and self-management resources. Exercise Guide was developed with support from ANZUP’s Below the Belt Research Fund.


Why was Exercise Guide created?

Our team strongly believes in the power of exercise as an adjuvant cancer therapy. Recent clinical trials have demonstrated that individually tailored multi-modal exercise interventions can improve clinically meaningful outcomes among men with metastatic prostate cancer, such as physical functioning, quality of life and symptom distress (Cormie et al 2013, Cormie et al, 2014, Galvão et al, 2018). There is some evidence to suggest that exercise might also impact positively on tumour growth. Members of our team are in the progress of investigating this in a rigorous trial.


Given the demonstrated benefits, clinical guidelines recommend that all men with prostate cancer be provided with a recommendation to exercise and be referred to an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist to support participation. We know that in many cases, face-to-face sessions with a suitably qualified exercise professional can be hard to access, especially on an ongoing basis. Many men may not live locally to these services, or maybe too ill, lack finances or simply not wish to partake in them. We created Exercise Guide to provide men with additional options. Our aim is to increase the reach of professional exercise advice for men with metastatic prostate cancer and to support men to exercise at home or within their local communities.


Why do you need to do a research study?  

As researchers, clinicians and consumers invested in improving health services for men with prostate cancer it is important to us that Exercise Guide is rigorously tested prior to making it publically available. This is to ensure that it is both safe and effective prior to promoting it to patients. 


What do I do if I am interested in participating? 

The first step is to read the study information sheet. You can find that by clicking "here". From there, click on "register your interest", where you will complete a questionnaire to determine if you are eligible and register your interest in the study. You will then be contacted by the research team.



If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us: holly.evans@adelaide.edu.au.





The development of this website would not have been possible without the input provided by men with prostate cancer from across Australia. We would like to thank the nineteen men who participated in our interview study, for sharing their exercise experiences and support needs, and providing advice regarding what Exercise Guide should include. We would also like to thank the men that volunteered to star in our exercise videos and provide feedback on website content. We are grateful for the time and thought they put in recording videos and reviewing drafts of the website, for the benefit of future users.


This project has been funded by:

  • ANZUPs Below the Belt Research Fund
  • Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health


In-kind support has been provided by:

  • Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health
  • Exercise Medicine Research Institute, Edith Cowan University
  • Physical Activity Research Group, CQUniversity


Website content author:  Holly Evans, Camille Short and Lisa Jones

Website consumer reviewers: Colin O'Brien, Ray Allen, Norman Thompson and Adrian Turner

Website expert reviewers: Kate Gunn (clinical psychologist), Jessica Gauro (dietician) 

Exercise Video volunteers: Bob Stoddard, Norman Thompson and James Smith

Graphic and web design: Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood

Cartoons, infographics and animations: Robin Tatlow-Lord, Flynn Slattery and Holly Evans

Filming and film editing: Nathan Smith, Repeater Productions

Website development: Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood


Privacy and Security:

All personal details you supply are kept private and confidential. No identifying information will be released to anyone outside of the research team. For further information about our Privacy Policy, please see our ‘Terms of Use’ link, where the full privacy policy is available to view. We have made every effort to ensure that the data that is obtained through this program is secured and protected.

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Men's Health Service Researchers:

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Treating Clinicians:

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